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Been a longtime collaborator with authors here on Newgrounds, most notbably Piconjo, SickDeathFiend, and GreatAnimatorOnizuka.

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Hey @tomfulp the NG Wiki seems to be missing any mention of Newgrounds Jam while promoting the Time Trials series @luis and "some friends" produced. Newgrounds Jam debuted in 2003 whereas the earliest Time Trial was April 2004. I'm fairly certain the never-fully-realized NG Jam #2 in July 2003 that Luis was a part of was probably a very big part of the "idea" he had for making his own collab project.


From: https://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/about-newgrounds/history

In this "history" section of the NG Wiki detailing the history of collabs, none of my works that helped establish and shape the popularization of collaborations were mentioned at all.

Maybe you might have forgot these gems I created, organized, produced, and worked on as a contributor:

And then there was another series I created* - this series aimed to pay Newgrounds artists for their work:

* I did not upload the Newgrounds Versus movies with my main account and instead opted to utilize a "Newgrounds Versus" account to upload with, because the project wasn't for my own exposure - the goal of the series was to help get artists exposure as well as compensate them with a cash prize since there was no real monetary compensation at the time - an accomplishment I managed to do in an early age of internet where tools were not available to make such a process easy.

The amount of work and time invested into organizing and producing these projects was considerable; the goal I had was to help both compensate the artists while bringing more content to this site, so you can understand why I am dismayed to not even have a footnote in the history section... and the only movie of mine listed happens to be part of Luis' Time Trial series, a series which may never have been realized without his direct involvement with my Newgrounds Jam series.

Ideas don't come from nowhere.

My inspiration for Newgrounds Jam came from a classroom animation project I helped put together where we rotoscoped a video clip and we each animated around the rotoscoped image to create a flow of ideas set to original music. I thought that idea could lend itself to an online project, and Newgrounds was a meeting point of many talents so I reviewed many movies in the Portal and contacted the artists who created the movies inquiring if they'd like to be part of a collaborative project. The movies in Newgrounds Jam was the result of all of our works and a defining point in Newgrounds collab projects and "Roto-Jam" is the seed from which NG Jam sprang from to inspire Time Trial and many future collabs.

The Newgrounds Wiki may be missing a lot of pertinent history, so I thought I'd help fill in some holes with this post.


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