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Nightmare Nightmare

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Review for Nightmare

Ok, this is one of my favorite games on Newgrounds. Keeping in mind that only two people made this on Flash makes it one of my favorite games I've played in years.

You know, I love your wobble-vision(tm) animation style, but tone it down a bit with games ;)

Although I love the game there are a few things I can suggest.

First, don't ever make a game where you can't get past a screen. It's annoying for players to realize they shot something they need to jump on and have to kill themselves. Why would you want to annoy your audience? You want them to love you.

Second, don't make a game where you can fall into pits and die. Why? Same reason as above.

Third, I loved the background music, but the sound FX were lacking. Like with the shotgun. There was a pump noise, but no firing noise. I'd rather hear it fire than hear him pump it.

Fourth, there was a bug at the end of one of the levels. When I killed the boss the steps didn't appear at first. I waited around and killed some of those airplane things but didn't see how to get past so I killed myself. The next time through the steps appeared.

Fifth, it's annoying that when you get hit you lose control of the character. Combine that with the part where you have to jump over a pit and get hit by a falling rock and I almost quit at that point (but I knew it was worth getting past).

By the way, I love the cut scenes when you get a weapon or go on to the next level.

And for anyone who hates cartoony games and think they're only for kids, don't play this game, don't write a stupid review, and don't vote a 0. Proceed to get some appreciation in good art (this may take some time), then come back, enjoy a good game and vote the 5 it deserves. Thanks.


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The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

1- I did tone down the wobble for the game! i think.
2-We didn't want that whole Tortoise bit to piss people off, we put it in as a simple puzzle, to make the audience feel clever when they did it.
3- The shotgun has both a pump and a shot sound....I'm sure.
4- There were billions of sound effects! hehehe.
5-I've never seen that bug with the stairs before. Sorry about that!
6-The reason we put in the code that says you lose control when hit is to make the cave levels slightly hard......imagine the jumping sections if you knew you could just jump madly across them, without worrying about getting hit, only worrying about losing health! we wanted people to clear the air before travelling through it.

Thanks a lot though, I know you appreciate hard work when you see it.


Found Lost Found Lost

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Review for "Found Lost"

The game's background story was the strongest point of the movie (based on a painting, simply beautiful). However, I found a lot of the introductory story to be cliched... on your way to a party, car problems, haunted house... eh... how many times have we heard this one?
But the problem of the rehashed story was nothing when I saw the red and green plants. That just totally destroyed the atmosphere of what could have been a more creepy game. Instead, I was just thinking how much it was like Resident Evil thereafter.
A suggestion about some scares: ... put some in! You know, a cat jumping out of the cupboard, a window shattering... something. Anything. Some people playing this would lose bladder control if you did something like that and they'd love it.
About the skeletal image in the mirror: It was very cartoony and made a mockery of the game (same with the hands at the end). Stay with photo-realistic images. I assumed the skeletal image was my character in costume... you know, going to a "party" and it was probably a Halloween party or something...
The sound effects were decent. The ambient noises were the best.
The navigation was nice. But, please, make the description of the things you click on go away! Sometimes there'd be notes or text all over the screen and I wouldn't know how to make them go away too easily.
My favorite part was the tape playing. I think it needed more of a "Blair Witch" ending where we don't know exactly what's happening...
It was a little short, but... hey, you made it to the front page somehow. Overall, a very nice game.


The Legend of Eliza 3 The Legend of Eliza 3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Review for "The Legend of Eliza 3"

This was a very well made game. I enjoyed the story and the characters, and the battle system was nice.
Some of the graphics were cartoony, kind of clashing with the style of some of the other artwork. But overall the graphics were very well done.
There was a lot lacking as far as animation goes, but considering it was a game, that doesn't matter as much as if it were a movie.
The maze part of the game wasn't done very well, and could have actually been done without. The background stayed the same and you had to click the arrows to figure out the right path, which wasn't all that entertaining.
But the programming was very nicely done. Quality work here. Thanks for sharing this one with Newgrounds.


Kirby's Dreamland Demo Kirby's Dreamland Demo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Review for "Kirby's Dreamland Demo"

Let me just open with saying that this is an excellent demo.

The graphics were very well rendered - I've seen quite a few Kirby tributes on Newgrounds and most of the Kirby sprites are pretty badly done. It looks like you did your sprite research.

The sound was a nice choice, but it got irritating after a while. Still, it was about the length it should have been for such a short demo. One simple thing that the game will need if a full version is released is SFX! Even just one sound (the vacuum attack for example) would have made it a lot more interesting.

The programming was so well done! The only suggestion I can give you is to assign the vacuum attack to a different button because the alt button brings up a windo menu, which is distracting. One time I was hit and I kept spinning out of control, but it was a rare occurance (only happened once), and I can't give any suggestion on how to fix it because of my limited programming knowledge.

The animation style was very nice - top notch for a video game. Like I said before, you probably did your sprite research.

This would be one of the greatest games on Newgrounds if you finish a full version - a version with a variety of enemies, SFX, several levels, and a battle with King Dedede or Metaknight (or both) with a nice ending sequence.

Overall, this demo is very impressive, and I usually blam demos.


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Kirby Minigame Kirby Minigame

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Why Bother?

A complete rip-off of the original Kirby minigame. And it didn't even translate well (some bombs don't explode, some eggs eggsplode [pun intended]).

Some good scripting, but it was wasted. Create something original instead of leeching off creativity and your score will skyrocket. I strongly suggest teaming up with a Flash artist and making something awesome.

Everyone else, don't bother... just buy it for the NES if you own the console. If you're not lucky enough to own one, try an emulator.


Bruce Lee: Tower of Death Bruce Lee: Tower of Death

Rated 3 / 5 stars


The concept of the game was good (much akin to Bruce's idea of Game of Death), but the play control was a little akward. It lacked strategy, after figuring out how to take out the bosses it just turned into a button-mashing game.
The boss that threw knives would throw them backwards if you got behind him.
Overall, a nice game.
Oh, and to get into the tower, you have to click with the mouse. Maybe make it if you press up Bruce walks in.



Rated 1 / 5 stars

Eh... Getting There

Keep at it. You definitely need to work on your spelling and grammar, that really hurts your work. You may be on your way to some good work.

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